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For Immediate Release

State Submits Action Plan to Federal Government for $1.2 Billion in Flood Mitigation Funds

Date:Dec 26, 2019

On Dec. 23, the state submitted its Action Plan to spend $1.2 billion in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for approval.

The plan outlines the state’s approach to funding projects, data collection, modeling and policy measures that align with the Louisiana Watershed Initiative's long-term resilience objectives.

Since May 2018, the state has developed the LWI’s long-term objectives through extensive outreach and engagement. In recent months, the state solicited and accepted public comments on its proposed Action Plan by holding four public hearings in September and October and ending a formal public comment period on Nov. 29. The state received 100 comments on the proposed plan.

All public comments are addressed in the submitted plan, which HUD has 60 days to approve. The state expects funding to become available in spring 2020, at which point the state and regional partners will immediately begin working to fund low-risk, high-impact projects to reduce statewide flood risk.

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