Watershed Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling Program

Map of DOTD modeling areas

Map of DOTD modeling areas

Statewide Modeling Effort

The statewide watershed modeling effort’s goal is to develop scientific models of major watersheds throughout Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is working with engineering firms, listed below, to develop models in each of its seven contract areas shown here. The firms also will collaborate with local and regional stakeholders to leverage existing resources and support the modeling effort.

Once complete, these models will support greater regional collaboration around shared water management challenges and build an objective, science-based understanding of how projects, policies and other measures will reduce flood risk.

DOTD Contract Area Consultant
Area 1 Atkins North America, Inc.
Area 2 Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Area 3 Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
Area 4 C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC
Area 5 HDR Engineering, Inc.
Area 6 Michael Baker International, Inc.
Area 7 Dewberry Engineers, Inc.

River and Rain Gauge Network

As part of the modeling program, the state and its partners also are working to enhance the statewide river and rain gauge network. LWI is collaborating with local jurisdictions and technical experts from USGS and DEQ to design an enhanced network based on input provided by local and regional stakeholders on areas where additional gauges are needed. They also are leveraging the ongoing work of local and regional partners who are gathering data or deploying gauge infrastructure independent of this program.

Once deployed, the network will provide enhanced statewide coverage for monitoring riverine and rainfall information in real time. Local communities will have information to respond more effectively to flood-related hazards, while the state’s watershed regions can develop more effective mitigation strategies.

Map showing existing flow and stages in addition to stakeholder feedback

Statewide gauge network feedback received spring 2020