Non-Federal Cost Share Assistance Program

Through this program, the state provides cost share assistance, or matching funds, for eligible federal programs. This share, or match, is the cost of a project or program not borne by the federal government. The state will use Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds to cover the required 25% cost share of HMGP awards the state received from FEMA as a result of the 2016 floods and 2020 hurricanes.

$112 Million For Non-Federal Cost Share Assistance

Eligible Programs

Eligible programs for cost share assistance include:

  • FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
  • FEMA non-disaster hazard mitigation assistance programs, flood mitigation assistance and pre-disaster mitigation
  • USDA National Resources Conservation Service grant programs
  • Other federal programs requiring a non-federal cost share, as applicable

For more information, see the policies and procedures.

HMGP Matching Funding

  • Parishes impacted by the 2016 floods received $291 million in HGMP funding; the state has allocated $96.6 million in CDBG-MIT funds for a match.
  • Parishes impacted by the 2020 storms received $176.3 million in HGMP funding; state agencies will provide an initial $40 million, plus $15 million in CDBG-MIT funds for a match.

Note: Based on figures as of summer 2021