Local and Regional Projects

This program provides funding and technical support to local and regional agencies to implement projects that reduce flood risk and enhance community resilience. Project funding, disbursed in three rounds, is designed to encourage regional collaboration and prioritization of projects.

$570 Million Disbursed in three rounds

Round 1 ($100 million)

  • STATUS: Complete

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Round 2 ($225 million)

  • STATUS: Conditional project awards were announced in December 2023.

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Bluebonnet Parc Canal 1
Bluebonnet Parc Canal 1

Types of Eligible Projects

  • Restoration, enhancement or preservation of floodplains and wetlands
  • Flood mitigation of critical infrastructure and stormwater management projects
  • Buyout or elevation projects for flood-prone residential areas
  • Voluntary relocation projects to move residents out of high flood risk areas
  • Acquisition of floodplain easements in flood abatement areas or developments in repetitive loss areas
  • Major capital projects that improve flood resilience or provide regional stormwater detention
  • Implementation of resilient development standards and floodplain management regulations
  • Housing developments using resilient construction practices
  • Projects developed through LWI's watershed modeling, statewide planning and regional planning efforts