Round 2

Round 2 provides strategic investments in flood risk reduction projects that align with federal grant requirements, as well as project design support for local and regional partners.


This is a project funding opportunity for local and regional public entities. To be eligible, projects must benefit low- and moderate-income and disadvantaged communities in parishes most impacted and distressed by the 2016 floods. The state will provide feedback to all applicants, including those ineligible for funding, as well as technical assistance for eligible applicants.


Following the pre-application phase, regional steering committees prioritized projects in their regions that align with LWI’s long-term resilience goals. State agencies reviewed regionally selected projects for CDBG-MIT eligibility and recommended 39 projects, totaling $218.06 million, to the Council on Watershed Management for conditional awards, which it approved.

The funding awards are contingent on applicants completing, and receiving state approval of, a full application. The state will provide technical assistance, including engineering services, such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and project scoping support. Full applications will be evaluated based on the outcomes of engineering studies.

Project Name Grantee Region Cost
Clarence Drainage Improvements Village of Clarence 1 $2.01 million
Natchez Drainage Improvements Village of Natchez 1 $1.03 million
South Natchitoches Drainage Improvements City of Natchitoches 1 $3.16 million
Hazel Street Flood Mitigation Town of Arcadia 1 $4.76 million
Espanita Drainage Improvements Bossier Parish 1 $1.72 million
Bardot Drainage Basin Improvements City of Bossier City 1 $2.3 million
Jonesboro Drainage Improvements Town of Jonesboro 2 $1 million
Port de Luce Creek Project Winn Parish 2 $7.55 million
Bayou Pierite Drainage Improvements City of Marksville 2 $5 million
Smithville Drainage Improvements City of Pineville 2 $1.42 million
Monroe Regional Airport Offsite Drainage Improvements City of Monroe 3 $13.19 million
New Black Bayou Stormwater Pumping Station City of West Monroe 3 $10 million
Greinwich Terrace Stormwater Management Project Calcasieu Parish 4 $11.85 million
6th Street Drainage Improvements City of Lake Charles 4 $3.15 million
Gueydan Flood Protection Town of Gueydan 5 $1.17 million
Brown Park Floodplain Restoration and Preservation Project Lafayette Parish 5 $4 million
Youngs Coulee Flood Control Structure Vermilion Parish 5 $10 million
St. Landry Parish Waterways Management St. Landry Parish 5 $5.5 million
Ville Platte Detention Ponds Evangeline Parish 5 $4.6 million
Rue de Belier Detention Pond City of Scott 5 $2.81 million
Cottonport Drainage Improvements Town of Cottonport 5 $5.75 million
St. Martinville Wastewater Floodproofing City of St. Martinville 5 $4.25 million
Monterey Street Detention Pond City of New Iberia 5 $3.10 million
Bayou St. Vincent Dredging Project Assumption Parish 6 $9.08 million
Bayou Verret Drainage Improvements Ascension Parish 6 $5 million
Little Natalbany Drainage Improvements St. Helena Parish 7 $5.45 million
Hano Road Area Retention Pond St. Helena Parish 7 $3.50 million
Bayou Patassat Flood Mitigation Improvements City of Slidell 7 $10.57 million
Stormwater Detention Pond in W-14 Basin West Diversion East St. Tammany Parish 7 $3.51 million
Alton Neighborhood Drainage Improvements St. Tammany Parish 7 $500,000
Greensburg Wastewater Treatment System Town of Greensburg 7 $3.81 million
Reserve Relief Homewood Pump Station Replacement and Drainage Improvement Project St. John the Baptist Parish 7 $14 million
Fairfield and Oakland Pump Station Upgrades St. Charles Parish 8 $5.77 million
Turtle Pond Pump Station Upgrades St. Charles Parish 8 $9.23 million
Taylor Bayou Regional Improvements City of Walker 9 $8.85 million
John Leblanc Detention Improvements Ascension Parish 9 $536,232
Lower Bayou Conway Drainage Improvements Ascension Parish 9 $1.92 million
Clearing and Snagging in East Feliciana South of Highway 10 East Feliciana Parish 9 $13.2 million
Clearing and Snagging in East Feliciana North of Highway 10 East Feliciana Parish 9 $13.73 million

Design Support Program

This $100 million program provides technical assistance for projects submitted in Round 1 that did not receive funding. The focus is on projects that benefit HUD-identified most impacted and distressed areas and low- to moderate-income populations, as well as projects that incorporate nature-based solutions.

For more details, see the Program Policies and Procedures.

Event Date
Applicants notified of project scoping opportunity Aug. 19, 2022
Deadline for applicants to respond with Notice of Interest Aug. 29, 2022
Project scoping and design support begins September 2022
Project scoping completed, project reviews begin October – December 2022
Implementation awards announced, agreements executed Early 2023
DSP Projects Map 20230418

Design Support Program Projects

View the Design Support Program projects including applicant organizations, regions and estimated budgets.

Project Name Organization Region Estimated Budget
Sugarhouse Bayou Outfall Town of Colfax 1 $1.36 million
Sherman Lake Flood Storage Town of Columbia 2 $5.98 million
Hodge Drainage Improvements Village of Hodge 2 $1.57 million
Glenn Ditch Pumping Station Town of Jonesville 2 $1.96 million
Cypress Detention (South) City of West Monroe 3 $1.28 million
James Addition Drainage Town of Farmerville 3 $1.5 million
Salter Street Stormwater Retention Town of Delhi 3 $3 million
West Parkview Drainage Improvements City of Monroe 3 $3.25 million
Ash Slough Drainage Improvements Franklin Parish 3 $3.87 million
Highway 33 Ditch Hardening Town of Farmerville 3 $2.3 million
Gulley Street Drainage Town of Farmerville 3 $1.26 million
Staulkinghead Creek Rehabilitation Morehouse Parish 3 $5 million
Nixon Addition Drainage Improvements Town of Kinder 4 $3.57 million
East Side Drainage Improvements City of Bunkie 5 $3.66 million
Anslem Coulee Regional Detention Pond City of Youngsville 5 $3.56 million
Oak Park Drainage Improvements City of Oakdale 5 $10.3 million
Fullers Park Drainage Improvements City of Oakdale 5 $6.9 million
East Side Drainage Improvements Village of Hessmer 5 $2.25 million
West Side Drainage Improvements City of Bunkie 5 $2.7 million
Parishwide Drainage Improvements St. James Parish 6 $814,244
Cancienne Canal Floodplain Preservation Assumption Parish 6 $4.29 million
New Pump Station Construction Lafourche Parish 6 $1.59 million
Upper Terrebonne Basin Drainage Improvements Upper Delta Soil & Water Conservation District 6 $9.17 million
Covington Lift Station Panel Elevations City of Covington 7 $2.6 million
Jones Vaughn Creek Bridge West Feliciana Parish 7 $1.4 million
Dawson Creek Drainage Improvements East Baton Rouge Parish MOHSEP 7 $8.26 million
Ormond Area Flood Mitigation Project St. Charles Parish 8 $6 million