Creating a more resilient Louisiana

LWI coordinates funding, data and resources among five state agencies to reduce flood risk through a watershed-based approach, which respects the natural functions of our watersheds.

Our Mission Reduce flood risk and improve floodplain management across the state, including through maximizing the natural and beneficial functions of the floodplains.


The state has invested more than $500 million in LWI projects statewide through CDBG-MIT funds. Click on the map to view the interactive projects.

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Supporting Flood Risk Reduction

  • Regional watershed management

    Coordinating flood risk management efforts within watershed regions

  • Watershed modeling and data

    Developing models and creating an enhanced gauge network

  • Workforce development

    Funding occupational training courses to support flood resilience projects

Latest Updates

LWI regional boundaries

Watershed-based approach

Louisiana’s nine watershed regions coordinate efforts among parishes to reduce flood risks within major watersheds.

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