Watershed Projects Grant Program: Local and Regional - Round 1

This program represents a $100 million project funding opportunity for eligible local and regional projects that will address immediate flood mitigation needs. The funding opportunity is part of the state’s Action Plan to spend $1.2 billion in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds, which the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approved Feb. 20.

Full Application

The deadline for submitting pre-applications has expired. The state is awaiting the finalized HUD grant agreement to open the full application process. Once the agreement is signed, the state will notify eligible applicants and begin accepting full applications for Round 1 projects. The deadline to submit applications will be three months after the grant agreement is signed.

Recent Guidance

Eligible Round 1 applicants should view the mandatory webinar and frequently asked questions, updated May 14, for guidance before submitting full applications. The webinar explains the full application and procurement requirements.
View the presentation here. For more details, email LWI-Round1@la.gov.

Sample Full Application and Supplemental Materials

The state will notify eligible applicants when the application software is open and ready to receive full applications. Applicants can view a sample of the full application, as well as supplemental materials and program policies and procedures below.

View Sample Round 1 Projects Full Application
View Full Application Supplemental Materials
View Round 1 Projects Evaluation and Scoring Criteria
View Round 1 Projects Policies and Procedures

Round 1 Projects Program Timeline

Event Date
State issues NOFA and solicits project applications Nov. 22, 2019
Deadline to submit project pre-applications Jan. 17, 2020
Anticipated grant agreement between HUD and the state TBD – awaiting HUD
Deadline to submit project full applications Three months after grant agreement*
Awards announced for $60 million in statewide projects Following application scoring process
Regional project selection recommendations due to OCD Estimated winter 2020
Grant agreements between OCD and grantees executed for awarded projects Following award announcement

* Refers to grant agreement between HUD and the Louisiana Division of Administration

LWI briefing in Ouachita Parish for prospective applicants

LWI briefing in West Monroe

Applicant Outreach

The state hosted in-person briefings in each watershed region to provide further information and answer questions from prospective applicants. In addition to these briefings, the state completed 37 technical assistance sessions held throughout Louisiana’s eight watershed regions.

View the presentation