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Date:Mar 11, 2020

The Louisiana Office of Community Development will host a mandatory webinar at 3 p.m. March 18 to discuss the full application process and procurement requirements for the Watershed Projects Grant Program: Local and Regional – Round 1 funding opportunity.

Eligible applicants must attend the webinar if they plan to submit full applications. This will ensure their understanding of the submission process and application requirements.

OCD officials have reviewed pre-applications for this funding opportunity and notified applicants via email as to their project(s) eligibility or ineligibility to move forward with the full application. Applicants who have not received responses to their pre-applications should email

Program documents, including the Round 1 Program Policies and Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions, have been revised based on the HUD-approved Action Plan. A copy of the full application for Round 1 is included as Exhibit 2 of the policies and procedures document.

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