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Louisiana Watershed brings statewide listening tour to Pineville

Date:Oct 17, 2018
Published in:KALB

NEVILLE, La. (KALB) - In 2016, flood waters impacted more than 145,000 homes throughout Louisiana causing more than $10 billion in damages.

That’s why the Louisiana Watershed visited Pineville on Wednesday as part of their statewide listening tour.

The Pineville Community Center was another stop on the statewide listening tour. They want to reduce flood risk and create more resilient communities.

To accomplish those goals, the council meets with data experts, planning officials, and local leaders to look at how flood risks are managed and how they can be improved.

They want to look at flooding on a watershed basis. They say it's more efficient.

Instead of just focusing on one body of water, like a river, the team plans to use technology to also collect data on surrounding communities and their lakes and ponds.

Pat Forbes, an office of community development executive director, said "It is going to be a long process, this isn’t just a onetime thing. We do have some money that we will be able to use to reduce flood risk across the state, but what we really want to do is change the way forever that we all look at, and manage flood risk"

The next stop of the tour will be at the Shreveport Community Center and they plan to visit areas in Louisiana until November 15.