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Application process for Denham Springs property buyout program 'moving along well'

Date:Sep 28, 2022
Published in:WBRZ

DENHAM SPRINGS - A program aimed at reverting a portion of Denham Springs from developed land back into green space is moving along well, according to city officials.

The Spring Park Buyout Program was introduced to property owners and tenants in Denham Springs in November 2021. Applications have been sent out all year long and 12 more were sent out just last week for those homeowners to apply for the program, which city officials say has been moving along pretty quickly.

The flooding in 2016 hit Spring Park hardest out of the surrounding area, flooding dozens of homes near North River Road and the First Baptist Church on Centerville Street, but the state awarded Denham Springs $10 million through the Louisiana Watershed Initiative for a voluntary buyout program.

The program offers property owners in flood-prone areas 100 percent of the appraised value, which means they will buy their homes, demolish them, and plan to turn the area into a green space.

The green space would be beneficial to the City of Denham Springs as a water detention area.

"Depending on how much we get, it would be nice to have a larger presence at Spring Park," city mayor Gerard Landry said. "Make it something suitable for our citizens. We need to make sure that that park is gorgeous and beautiful, something our families can utilize and maybe even make it a tourist destination. Water detention is an option that we would have. There's a possibility for some federal funding that would help us to convert that."

Landry says the city will not force homeowners to apply for the program, which means they can keep their homes and they won't be demolished, but Landry says it's an offer they shouldn't pass up.