Local and Regional Projects and Programs

This program provides funding and support to local and regional agencies to implement flood risk reduction projects and programs with demonstrable outcomes that improve community flood resilience. Funding is implemented in three distinct rounds, designed to encourage regional collaboration and prioritization of projects, allowing consideration of a broad array of impactful mitigation activities.

$570 MillionIn Funding Distributed in three rounds

Round 1Round 2Round 3

Bluebonnet Parc Canal
Bluebonnet Parc Canal

Types of Eligible Projects

  • Restoration, enhancement or preservation of floodplains and wetlands
  • Flood mitigation of critical infrastructure and stormwater management projects
  • Buyout or elevation projects for flood-prone residential areas
  • Voluntary relocation projects to move residents out of high flood risk areas
  • Acquisition of floodplain easements in flood abatement areas or developments in repetitive loss areas
  • Major capital projects that improve flood resilience or provide regional stormwater detention
  • Implementation of resilient development standards and floodplain management regulations
  • Housing developments using resilient construction practices
  • Projects developed through LWI’s watershed modeling, statewide planning and regional planning efforts

For more details, see the Program Policies and Procedures

Round 1

Round 1 is a $100 million project-funding opportunity for eligible projects submitted by local and regional public entities. The focus is on implementation-ready, low-risk programs and projects that address flood risks through a watershed-based approach. The state scored submitted projects, with those scoring highest selected for $61.6 million in Round 1 funding. The remaining $40 million is distributed through regional project selections.

Map of Round 1 state and regional recommended projects

View the state and regional recommended projects and other Round 1 resources.

Project Name Grantee Region Cost Description
Chatlin Lake Canal Backwater Overflow Relief Structure City of Alexandria 5 $10 million Construction of an outfall from Chatlin Lake Canal to the Red River
Bayou Duplantier Floodplain Acquisition East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 7 $8.5 million Purchase of about 200 acres along Bayou Duplantier to halt potential development in the area and preserve the floodway and floodplain in its natural condition
Ward Creek Floodplain Acquisition East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 7 $5.7 million Purchase of about 140 acres along Ward Creek to halt potential development in the area and preserve the floodway and floodplain in its natural condition
Ockley Basin Storage City of Shreveport 1 $5.36 million Clearing, grading and earthwork to construct flood storage areas at Mansfield Road and Texas Avenue, Forest Park and Avery Street and Lawhon Street
Huffman Creek Pump Station and Outfall Improvements City of Pineville 2 $5.29 million Demolition of two pump stations at Huffman Creek and development of an enlarged pump sump to accommodate two new hydraulic-driven pumps with capacity of 50,000 gallons per minute each

Requires the acquisition of two residential properties and relocation of tenants
Coulee Mine East Detention Project Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government 5 $4.73 million Construction of a landscaped detention pond
Cypress Bayou Green Infrastructure The Recreation and Park Commission of the Parish of East Baton Rouge 7 $4.69 million Increase depths of several ponds in the area and reroute stormwater from surrounding waterways and drainage systems to these storage areas and open land
Dellwood Drainage Pump Station Hardening City of Slidell 7 $3.3 million Construction of mechanical bar screens in front of the Dellwood Drainage Pump Station intake basin
Church Point Detention and Flood Proofing Town of Church Point 5 $2.94 million Construction of two detention ponds—"Low Bottom" along Bayou Plaquemine and "West Corporation Pond" near the intersection of West Corporation Street and La. Hwy. 95—and elevation of equipment and controls at the wastewater treatment facility, as well as installing a generator and a transfer switch
East Slidell Ring Levee St. Tammany Parish Government 7 $2.85 million Construction of about 18,500 linear feet of earthen levees to connect the gaps in the existing Slidell Ring Levee System, connecting existing Lakeshore Levee to the Kingspoint East Levee and the Kingspoint East Levee to U.S. Hwy. 190
Emergency Backup Pumps for Pump Stations Lafourche Parish Government 6 $1.9 million Purchase of eight new pumps to be used as backup at any of the 90 pump stations in Lafourche Parish
Horseshoe Canal Hardening City of Alexandria 5 $1.91 million Construction of about 290 linear feet of reinforced concrete box culvert at Horseshoe Canal across U.S. Hwy. 165/South Masonic Drive
Lee Street Drainage Pump Station Hardening City of Slidell 7 $1.83 million Construction of mechanical bar screens in front of the Lee Street Drainage Pump Station intake basin
Bonadona-Cataldo Drainage Pump Ascension Parish 6 $1.25 million Replacement of drainage elements serving the Bonadona-Cataldo subdivision, including road ditch regrading, culvert and catch basin improvements or installation and driveway and asphalt replacement
Coushatta Casino Resort Wastewater Treatment Plant Floodwall Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana 4 $749,000 Construction of a 4- to 5-foot floodwall around the perimeter of the Coushatta Casino Resort's Wastewater Treatment Plant
Maringouin Drainage Improvements Town of Maringouin 6 $659,500 Improvements to the existing drainage systems, drainage structures and culverts, including sediment accumulation removal, regrading and hardening of open channels
Project Name Applicant Region Cost Description
East Natchitoches Drainage Improvements Natchitoches Parish 1 $3.43 million Construction of a stormwater conveyance ditch from the East Natchitoches Drainage Canal northward to an improved outfall at Cane River Lake
Foxskin Bayou Drainage Improvements Town of Haughton 1 $2.27 million Construction of channel improvements along about 6,600 linear feet of Foxskin Bayou and a stormwater retention pond
Bayou Lacombe Channel Improvements Town of Mansura 2 & 5 $5.69 million Hardening of 3,500 feet along Bayou Lacombe and selective clearing, snagging and debris removal of about a three-mile section of the bayou to remove obstructions from the flow channels
Drainage Crossing Replacements Town of Ball 2 $3.41 million Reconstruction of 12 drainage crossings within the Town of Ball including the use of concrete pipes, concrete headwalls, channel hardening and realignment, channel cleaning, erosion protection, possible roadway raising, pavement replacement and one bridge replacement
Youngs Bayou Detention Ponds City of Monroe 3 $2.68 million Construction of retention ponds near the confluence of Youngs Bayou, East Prong, West Prong, Oliver Road and Rogers Canal and adjacent to the Airport Canal
Portable Pumps Parishwide Ouachita Parish Police Jury 3 $2.68 million Procurement and operation of about 10 portable pumps to be used in Region 3, either on skids or trailer mounted, as well as site preparation for pump pads and intake/discharge piping for connection at the pumps
Georgia Street Pump Station City of Monroe 3 $500,000 Construction of a 45,000-gallon-per-minute pump station and one-mile force main to pump rainfall runoff to the Ouachita River
Replacement of Ball Park Lift Station City of Leesville 4 $630,900 Replacement of an existing wastewater pumping station with a new pumping station
Cypress Bayou and Coulee LaSalle Drainage Improvements St. Martin Parish Government 5 $1 million Regrading and enlargement of Cypress Bayou and Coulee LaSalle to increase the capacities from La. Hwy. 182 to Bayou Tortue at the Lafayette and St. Martin Parish line, as well as a bridge replacement on Hughes Road at Coulee LaSalle
Abbeville Area Vermilion River Bridge Debris Barrier System Vermilion Parish Police Jury 5 $550,000 Excavation and removal of sediment that has built up under bridge crossings and installation of debris barriers to prevent vegetative debris from accumulating on or around the pilings and fender systems on the three bridges in the Abbeville area: La. Hwy. 14 bypass bridge, La. Hwy. 14 bridge and La. Hwy. 82 bridge
White Castle Canal Drainage Improvement Project Iberville Parish 6 $2.56 million Dredging and regrading of 4.4 miles of the White Castle Canal channel bottom and immediate adjoining side slopes and removing garbage, debris and vegetation from within the channel
Bayou Lafourche Pump Project Ascension Parish 6 $2.1 million Installation of two pump stations at proposed wet-well locations along Bayou Lafourche
Jones Creek Detention Improvements East Baton Rouge Parish 7 $6 million Purchase of about 65 acres of the former Sherwood Forest golf course to prevent redevelopment of the area and to construct a detention basin and overflow structure, providing additional flood storage for the area

Round 2

Round 2 will make strategic project investments, reflecting lessons learned in Round 1 and addressing the need to enhance project development capacity and geographic dispersion of projects statewide. Round 2 will continue to elevate nature-based solutions and to ensure federal grant requirements are met.


This $100 million program provides technical assistance for projects submitted in Round 1 that did not receive funding. The focus is on projects that benefit HUD-identified most impacted and distressed areas and low- to moderate-income populations, as well as projects that incorporate nature-based solutions.

For more details, see the Program Policies and Procedures.

Event Date
Applicants notified of project scoping opportunity Aug. 19, 2022
Deadline for applicants to respond with Notice of Interest Aug. 29, 2022
Project scoping and design support begins September 2022
Project scoping completed, project reviews begin October – December 2022
Implementation awards announced, agreements executed Early 2023
Map of Design Support Program Areas

View the Design Support Program projects including applicant organizations, regions and estimated budgets.

Project Name Organization Region Estimated budget
Sugarhouse Bayou Outfall Town of Colfax 1 $1.36 million
Sherman Lake Flood Storage Town of Columbia 2 $5.98 million
Hodge Drainage Improvements Village of Hodge 2 $1.57 million
Glenn Ditch Pumping Station Town of Jonesville 2 $1.96 million
Cypress Detention (South) City of West Monroe 3 $1.28 million
James Addition Drainage Town of Farmerville 3 $1.5 million
Salter Street Stormwater Retention Town of Delhi 3 $3 million
West Parkview Drainage Improvements City of Monroe 3 $3.25 million
Ash Slough Drainage Improvements Franklin Parish 3 $3.87 million
Highway 33 Ditch Hardening Town of Farmerville 3 $2.3 million
Gulley Street Drainage Town of Farmerville 3 $1.26 million
Staulkinghead Creek Rehabilitation Morehouse Parish 3 $5 million
Nixon Addition Drainage Improvements Town of Kinder 4 $3.57 million
East Side Drainage Improvements City of Bunkie 5 $3.66 million
Anslem Coulee Regional Detention Pond City of Youngsville 5 $3.56 million
Oak Park Drainage Improvements City of Oakdale 5 $10.3 million
Fullers Park Drainage Improvements City of Oakdale 5 $6.9 million
East Side Drainage Improvements Village of Hessmer 5 $2.25 million
West Side Drainage Improvements City of Bunkie 5 $2.7 million
Parishwide Drainage Improvements St. James Parish 6 $814,244
Cancienne Canal Floodplain Preservation Assumption Parish 6 $4.29 million
New Pump Station Construction Lafourche Parish 6 $1.59 million
Upper Terrebonne Basin Drainage Improvements Upper Delta Soil & Water Conservation District 6 $9.17 million
Covington Lift Station Panel Elevations City of Covington 7 $2.6 million
Jones Vaughn Creek Bridge West Feliciana Parish 7 $1.4 million
Dawson Creek Drainage Improvements East Baton Rouge Parish MOHSEP 7 $8.26 million
Ormond Area Flood Mitigation Project St. Charles Parish 8 $6 million

Phase 1 of Round 2 offers a $100 million funding opportunity for local and regional projects that benefit low- to moderate-income populations and HUD-identified most impacted and distressed areas, per federal grant requirements.

Event Date
Project application period begins January 2023
Project application deadline Two months after application period begins
Funding awards announced Late spring 2023

Round 3

Round 3 will award flood risk reduction projects justified by completed watershed models and nature-based solutions tools.